Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Please read this terms and conditions of service carefully. By using this website, you agree to bound all the terms and regulations of our company

  1. Let’s enjoy gift. Com is merely a platform that can be utilized by users to reach a large market to buy products and services.
  2. We do not make any representations or warranties as the item specifies (ie; size, color, quality, quantity, identity, etc.. as seen in the picture provided by the seller) or to the item itself to any of the users. We do not have any obligations or liabilities that concerns the problems with users as well as the sellers.

3.If you want the item to be delivered on the same day of ordering (only for some specific items which is clearly mentioned in the description of the product) you have to order before 9:am or else the product will be delivered on the next working day.

4.If you want to gift an item on next day of ordering, you must order the item before 6:pm. However ,we will take the order even if you couldn’t order before the said time. The product you ordered will be delivered within one or two days with complete commitment and sincerity.

5.All the payments and transactions should be online – and there will be no cash on delivery option available. You can select various methods to pay through online –Debit card, Credit card, BHIM UPI, Net banking. There will be no refunding of the money if you cancel the order after one week of ordering.Or else refunding will be initiated only after deducting 20% from the transaction amount .(this refunding option is only available for reasonable issues that has been verified by the company)

  1. You can order many products as you wish within one order. But separate delivery charges will be charged for each item.( depends on the quantity of the item)

7.The company guarantees that all the edible food items provided in the site are sold by manufacturers who possess fssai certificate.

8.)There will be no guarantee, warranty or replacement for any electronic gadgets available in this platform.

9) It is very important to make clear that if the beneficiary didn’t accept the product, there will be no refunding option available for the item rejected.

10).In case if there is a mistake happened regarding the delivery of the product from our side (ie; error or cancellation), there will be full amount refunding within 24 hrs.

11).If there is any delay in delivery due to technical issues, transportation problems(ie; breakdown or accident), or any other unforseen issues from our side or if we couldn’t arrange an alternative way to deliver the product on time, we assure you that the delivery of the product will be done by the next working day as early as possible.


you agree, undertake and confirm that your use of platform shall be strictly according to the policy of the company

the sender shall provide full contact details, ie; address, E-mail, and contact number( which will be verified by the company before initiating the transaction) to the platform

the sender shall not transmit or upload messages which

a) harasses or threatens a person
b) promotes action that is illegal, prohibited by law or felonious
c) intentionally harming, provoking and disrespecting a person or a community by obscene words
d) which contains sexual or pornographic content of nature

If any of the rules above mentioned are violated by the user, company will not proceed with transaction without any prior notice.

13) If the beneficiary requests or demands the source or details of the sender, we are morally bound to disclose the details .

Lets enjoy gift. Com is a transparent and quality enterprise and we expects that it’s values and morale are maintained globally .

You acknowledge, here by that all the transactions, purchases and payments are met with the terms and conditions of the company